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Victoria's Freedom Day - What Will Happen?

October 22, 2021 Dr Cameron Jones, PhD. Episode 87
The Mould Show
Victoria's Freedom Day - What Will Happen?
Show Notes

On the 22nd October 2021, Victoria, Australia begins our own Freedom Day.  But is this really freedom? State-wide vaccine mandates are in force and there's a need for vaccine passports to enter retail.  

For many, significant restrictions remain. The State is still under a form of medical apartheid.  Strict coercion around freedom of choice has forced many to choose vaccination just to re-enter society or keep their job.  

The censorship around therapeutic options and facts and figures and open debate have largely been silenced across the mainstream media. 

This short Livestream discusses a very recent publication that came out (20th October 2021) on the preprint server, medRxiv. 
This paper serves as a warning around the very real risks of transmission among the vaccinated. 

Please read it for yourself and consider the results and conclusions. 


Evidence of transmission from fully vaccinated individuals in a large outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant in Provincetown, Massachusetts